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Friday, October 21, 2011

SEO/SEM Salary Survey

In July of 2008 I posted to this very blog a survey to gather a list of SEO's and their salary range with the promise of sharing out the results to everyone. I received well over 1000 submissions I posted the results and sent everyone an email with the data so they could form their own reports. While my results were posted in 2009 it was the height of the SEO and PPC employment boom, and Social Media was still a glimmer in our eyes.
So in the nature of updating data and keeping up with this every changing industry I decided that it is time to do the survey again, and see where we have gone over the past few years.

If you are an SEO or SEM take a moment and fill out the survey below. Also - feel free to add it to your own blog, send it to your friends to fill it out, etc. I promise to once again share the data with you all (minus emails to refrain from exposing you all to spam) in an excel doc, and post the results I have found from the folks that fill out the form.

Once we hit 1,000 or more submissions check your email for your attachment...

Add the survey to your blog or website: