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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Internet and Beyond

There are many aspects of society that are shared among all the diverse cultures in this world: love; food; friendships; and the Internet...

We have gone from a world separated by water, boats, planes, and cultures to a world now brought together by one common space. The internet has opened up possibilities that are endless - education, communication, and trade. I myself remember as a child our household was lucky enough to own an encyclopedia set my Mother had purchased on a payment plan. Most of my reports for school were completed easily at home with severalhours spent in the library looking things up in the Dewey Decimal System. My papers were hand written for draft #1, #2, and #3 and finally typed up on a typewriter. Today my 13 year old daughter plops herself in front of the computer, types in some key phrases and comes up with an abundant amount of information without ever having to set foot in a library. If she has a question, she can log into forums or comment on a blog and someone will reply with even more information. In the process she has educated herself and communicated with experts.

In the past to start a company a person would have to have an exorbitant amount of cash to find a place of business (whether it be a storefront, office location, warehouse space, etc) and now anyone can setup a website without knowing how to design or develop. They can even market that business without having to spend money through search marketing and social media marketing. Money is being transferred from person to person, business to consumer, and even business to business with ease. Instead of that one person setting up a business or retail shop and reaching the city surrounding them, they are now reaching millions of people and thousands of companies all over the world.

We now have access to so many countries, cultures, businesses, and people all from the point of one connection whether it be from a computer, phone, or other device. The possibilities of someone starting their own business,  educating themselves and communicating with the world are endless. It's just up to that individual to know where to go to educate themselves on how to start their business, get an education and/or degree, research, network, and use the tools available to them to become successful.