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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Google and DoubleClick - what does it mean for PPC?

Google closed it's acquisition with DoubleClick today. So what does it mean for Pay Per Click?
As Google continues to grow we are seeing the search marketing trend pull away from being just that: Search Marketing. With the introduction of image ads being placed on the content network (now placement targeting) and the addition of video ads, radio ads, newspaper advertising, etc. Google continues to stray away from being a search marketing network to an online marketing network.
Some say that Google took off when they revolutionized search by introducing the linking algorithm in order to bring it's users the most relevant results possible. I would say that the company itself experienced a growth when they revolutionized the online advertising industry by offering ads that were charged on a per click basis rather than a cost per impression. This new way of advertising made it easier and more affordable for small businesses to gain a presence on the internet without breaking their budgets.
Banner ads are now becoming a part of that revolution. I have already seen the results of this form of advertising on Google with the placement targeting campaigns. I am able to pick and choose where my ads appear rather than a plethora of pages. By choosing the specific pages that our ads are to appear I am able to bring the users from an article, blog posting, website, etc. that relates to a specific user with a banner ad that when clicked brings the user to a page which then presents them with a document or such information relating to what they were in the mindset for.
By doing this, there is less of a fall-out from the banner ads themselves and thus creating more conversions.
The user is presented with what they are looking for or researching more efficiently, and the company was able to get yet another lead.
It's a win/win situation!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Google Groove - San Jose, CA

The the moment we walked in I was in awe. In all the years I have worked in SEO I have never been to a Google party. I had heard about them, and how much fun the are, but haven't ever experienced it all first hand.
I ran into Carlos who had worked for me at Visible Technologies all those years ago. It was great to catch up and find out that he is doing really well. He is on his own now running his own consulting company specializing in Landing pages for PPC. Jeff Leach had attended with me, we have both stayed in touch over the years as he continues to grow his own consulting business managing those hard to reach Linking campaigns and creating great successes in optimizing for the most aggressive terms as always.

I have been struggling with finding a consulting company that is able to handle our European campaigns including the translation and localization as well as our US campaigns. I had met a couple of guys from the UK that were specializing in handle such campaigns and swapped cards with them.

I also ran into these guys -

The night continued to be a blast as we all stacked our glow int he dark cups while we slammed down the beers before they closed down the open bar at 10:00pm.

Check out their Video on YouTube